“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”
— Jim Richardson

Welcome to Dutch Photo Trek!


In Dutch, ‘trek’ means (amongst other things), ‘appetite’ or ‘enthusiasm’. Which is what we at Dutch Photo Trek have for what we do!

Enthusiasm for the Netherlands, enthusiasm for our 4 city destinations, enthusiasm for photography. And we would like to share our enthusiasm with you!

What people say about us


Our photography tours are friendly, informative and informal, for small groups of up to 6 people. You will visit the main sites of interest and see other more unusual aspects. You will learn about the history and culture.

We will also take you to the best photo opportunities, and we will offer individual coaching, tips and advice to create memorable photographs of your visit, and improve your camera skills and technique.

The tours cater for all experiences and skills from beginner to expert. All are welcome! You can even hire a DSLR camera or tripod should you wish.

Nous proposons également des visites guidées en Français.


We offer day time and evening tours in Amsterdam The Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden. Each city has its own unique character and appeal. We will also suggest things to do and see should you wish to explore further, plus tips on where to eat.

If you are based in one of these cities, then you are ideally placed for one of our Photo tours. If you are based elsewhere, the cities are easily reachable by train, and a Photo tour will give you a great insight into another aspect of this unique country.


What you can learn during the tour:

  • The exposure triangle
  • Composition and using available light
  • Depth of field
  • Metering and focus
  • Little known functions of a DSLR camera
  • Use of the tripod and time exposures
  • Exposure bracketing and HDR
  • Creating panoramas
  • ‘Developing’ pictures with Photoshop, Lightroom, DDP, capture NX-D
  • High ISO speed noise reduction
  • Manual operation


What makes Dutch Photo Trek unique:

  • You can hire a tripod and remote control
  • You can hire a DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Access to our photography top tips and tricks on our website
  • Digital enhancement of your photographs
  • Detailed cultural and historical information on all the tour locations – you will feel like you have lived in the city for years!
  • Detailed information on cool things to do, and the best bars and restaurants


What is included:

  • Experienced (and enthusiastic!) guide and photographer
  • Coffee/refreshment
  • Access to our tips and tricks web pages
  • Recommended train times for this travelling
  • Photo Enhancement Service
We at Dutch Photo Trek believe all this makes an unforgettable photography experience!


Professional photoshoot

If you are visiting one of our wonderful cities, maybe for a special occasion, and would like to capture the moments then you can hire a professional photographer to take a mix of spontaneous and posed shots at he best locations and according to your wishes.

This session is not only limited to couples naturally, but also suitable for families or group of friends, for a special occasion or just for fun!

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Cancellation policy

Cancel up to 1 day before for a full refund.
You may telephone us daytime or evenings (Central European Time), weekdays or weekends.