“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
— Destin Sparks

About Dutch Photo Trek!

About me

Hi! My name is David Flin, and I am the founder of Dutch Photo Trek.

I have been a passionate photographer nearly all my life; indeed my first job was as a technician at a developing and printing laboratory.

Over the years I have done many photographic assignments including weddings, family gatherings, portraits and commercial. My activity declined somewhat in the 90’s when my children were young. Then it re-ignited about 15 years ago, fuelled by the digital revolution.

I have also owned many different cameras, but now (mostly) use a Sony Alpha 7ii mirrorless system.

And apart from Dutch Photo Trek, I currently concentrate on photography for websites – which I also build!

How Dutch Photo Trek began

Tn 2016 I took early retirement having worked 30 years in IT, and moved to the city of Leiden.

Inspired by the beauty of Leiden, I started to explore other Dutch cities in depth, and began to concentrate on urban photography.

I started Dutch Photo Trek, so I could share with others my passion for the history of Leiden and other cities, and my passion for photography.

In the beginning…

For the first 2 years DPT conducted photographic sightseeing tours of Leiden and other cities.

The phototours aim to show you more unusual aspects of a city and take you its best photo opportunities away from the crowds.

In addition we give you actually interesting historical information, and offer coaching and advice on how to improve your photography skills.

New for 2019

Last autumn I decided to take DPT in a different direction by introducing practical photography courses for beginners. The courses focus more on photography skills, and less on tourism and photo oppoptunities.

This year I am introducing several more courses:
• Advanced Photography
• Night Photography
• Macro Photography
• Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop.

My motivation

While DPT does charge for the tours and courses, making money is not the motivation! My motivation is to share knowledge and experience, to inspire people dive deeper into the art and technology of photography, and to explore Leiden and other fascinating cities in the Netherlands.

If you join one of our tours or courses, I want you to have a great experience. If you are not completely happy, I will gladly give you your money back! Can I say fairer than that?

The aim of Dutch Photo Trek is to give you a memorable photography experience!

On a personal note

For me, photography is the perfect convergence of art and technology. Digital photography empowers the photographer with the introduction of new technology, which in turn extends the artistic possibilities.

I actually find that most of the photographs I take fall into one of six main themes:

  • Urban landscapes
  • Night moods
  • Subtleties of light
  • A moment captured
  • Making the familiar strange
  • Man dwarfed by nature

The first five were ‘conscious’ themes, but ‘man dwarfed by nature’ is the one that intrigues me most. I was unaware of it until pointed out by a friend and colleague!

You may telephone us daytime or evenings (Central European Time), weekdays or weekends.