“What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary materials are light and time.”
— John Berger

guided photography tour of The Hague

Guided photography tour of The Hague – a city with unique status

guided photography tour of The Hague

About The Hague

It is not the capital of the Netherlands (Amsterdam has that honour), but it plays many important roles usually associated with the capital city.

Most importantly, The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament. It is the residence of the Dutch royal family. Most embassies and ministries are located here. Furthermore, the city hosts many international courts including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

guided photography tour of The Hague
The Hague is a stately city, markedly different from its smaller neighbours Leiden and Delft. However, in place of the cramped inner city surrounded by canals and walls are wide tree-lined boulevards and spacious public parks, and grand and important 18th-century mansions built for diplomats and affluent Dutch families.

In addition, there is a large church dating from the 15th century, an impressive City Hall from the 16th century, several large 17th-century palaces, and a number imposing Protestant churches from the 14th century onwards.

There are also many fine exampls of Art Deco and imposing ultramodern architecture. The city tour will offer fantastic photo opportunities of these.

guided photography tour of The Hague

Places you will visit on the guided photography tour of The Hague

  • Vredespaleis (Peace Palace)
  • Noordeinde Palace and Palace Garden
  • The Dutch Parliament Buildings and lake (Binnenhof and Hofvijver)
  • The most magnificent street in the Hague: stately Georgian houses framed by centuries-old lime trees
  • De Ridderzaal (Knights Hall) and Grote Kerk (Great Church) – two of the Hague’s oldest buildings
  • De Passage: the oldest arcade in Europe
  • Koekamp and other green spaces in the Hague
  • Fine examples of traditional and contemporary architecture

Note: The evening itinerary will vary according to the time of year

guided photography tour of The Hague

After the tour

If you would like to continue discussions after the end of the tour, time permitting your guide will be more than happy to do so.

guided photography tour of The Hague

The photography experience

The Hague is richly rewarding for the photographer: varied architecture, green spaces and parks and a feeling of space compared with many dutch citiesmmeans you do not have to stand close to your subjects.

We especially recommend the evening tour as the parliament buildings are impressively lit at night.

guided photography tour of The Hague

Starting time

The morning photo tour starts at 11:00.

The afternoon photo tour starts at 14:30.

The start time of the evening photo tour will depend on the date, because there is a huge difference in sunset time between 21 December (16:30) and 21 June (22:00).

The duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours.

Meeting place

We meet at Starbucks cafe in The Hague Central station. Please try to be there by 15 minutes before the start time.

Public Transport

There are direct rail services to The Hague from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Leiden.

If you are travelling from outside The Hague, and would like advice on public transport please contact us.


The price of The Hague daytime photo tour is €34.95 per person.

The price of the The Hague evening photo tour is €39.95 per person.

What is included

• Experienced tutor and guide
• Refreshment break
• Access to our tuition web pages
• Photo enhancement service
• Advice on travel to The Hague
• Advice on what to do and where to eat and drink n The Hague

What is not included

• Refreshments
• Hire of equipment such as tripod
• Cost of transport to The Hague

guided photography tour of the hague

Bad weather

The weather in the Netherlands can be unpredictable, especially in Autumn and Winter.

But it seldom rains the for whole day. If the rain is torrential the workshop will be cancelled, but if it is not heavy the tour will go on regardless.

Photographers are hardy folks, and stormy skies and wet pavements present some of the most exciting photo opportunities!

Cancellation policy

But whatever the weather, you may cancel up to 1 day before for a full refund.

And if you are not satisfied with the tour for any reason we will also refund your money in full.

How do I book a photo tour?

If you would like to book a tour of The Hague, you can do so by:

Booking online

Telephoning +31 (0)71 887 10 23

Emailing info@dutchphototrek.com

guided photography tour of The Hague

Other cool things to do and see in The Hague

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Cafés restaurants and bars

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Guided photography tour The Hague

Professional photoshoot

If you are visiting The Hague, maybe for a special occasion, and would like to capture the moments then you can hire a professional photographer to take a mix of spontaneous and posed shots at he best locations and according to your wishes.

This session is not only limited to couples naturally, but also suitable for families or group of friends, for a special occasion or just for fun!

Please click here for further details.

guided photography tour of The Hague

guided photography tour of The Hague

Tourist Information The Hague

Guided photography tour of The Hague

If you would like to learn more about Dutch Photo Trek, you may telephone us daytime or evenings (Central European Time), weekdays or weekends.