Zoeterwoudsesingel Leiden

The Hague Tower

At 132 meters high, The Hague Tower is the city’s third highest building. It comprises flats, office space, restaurant and sky bar on the 42nd floor. It is the sky bar that I visited recently one evening.

This is accessible by a lift on the outside of the building. The ascent is quite hair-raising!. Admission to the sky bar costs €11, but it entitles you to a free drink of value up to this. The bar offers a large range of cocktails, so I chose a Caipirina. And very good it was too!

The views from the 42nd floor are of course stunning, from Rotterdam and Delft in the south, to the coast and Scheveningen in the west. I was really lucky with the weather, although there was too little cloud for a full-on sunset. There is an outside ‘cage’ where you can take photographs, but the floor is a kind of mesh, so you cannot place a tripod.

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