The three most common ‘mistakes’ photographers make are:

  • over-exposure
  • wrong colour balance
  • tilted horizons.

The first two commonly occur after photographing indoors: using a high ISO setting, then and forgetting to lower the ISO when going outside, or setting the colour balance to tungsten light, and forgetting to set it back to daylight.

All three ‘mistakes’ can be corrected in Adobe Photoshop or similar software. But even the best photographs can still be improved:

  • lightening shadows
  • adjusting the contrast,
  • adjusting the colour saturation
  • increasing the clarity
  • sharpening the detail
  • reducing digital noise.

How to Improve Your Favourite Photos for Free

For a limited period, you can send your digital photographs, and Dutch Photo Trek will improve them for you free of charge. The only limitation is that it is not possible to improve the focus. Out of focus will remain so no matter what.

  1. Click on the <Select photo> button below and browse to a file
  2. Click on <Upload your photo>
  3. Repeat until you have uploaded all your photos
  4. Click the <Your details…> link, and fill in the form that pops up
  5. Include any request or instructions in the comment section, such as cropping in Any special instructions?”

  • RAW format works best (.CR2 Canon, .NEF Nikon), but .JPG can also be improved
  • Pictures taken on smartphones are also eligible
  • If possible, say which make of camera was used (Canon, Nikon, Apple etc)
  • If you want a photo cropping, then give a brief description
  • We will try to mail the improved versions back within 24 hours of receipt

Select and upload your photos

Your details..

If you would like to see some examples of what is possible, below we proudly present a Rogue’s Gallery of photographs that we have successfully been able to improve.

Under Exposure:

Over Exposure:


Colour correction:

Lightening shadows to reveal details:

Improve sharpness and clarity:

Perspective correction:



Softening the background:

All-round improvement:

Remove unwanted detail:

Mobile phone example: