We offer photo tours in AmsterdamThe Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden

What makes our tours unique

  • The group is small, with a maximum of six people, so each participant gets individual attention and advice
  • The group is led by an experienced photographer with intimate local knowledge
  • You will visit the most interesting sites and buildings, and hear in-depth information about their history and significance
  • You will also visit more unusual locations away from the main tourist areas which offer splendid photo opportunities
  • We want you to take away fantastic memories of the magnificent city, as well as fantastic photographs

Start times and duration


All our daytime tours are 3 hours.

Morning tours start at 11:00.

Afternoon tours start at 14:30.


All our evening tours are 3 hours. The start time depends on the date, because there is a huge difference in sunset time between 21 December (16:30) and 21 June (22:00).

Evening tours are designed to take advantage of the golden hour, starting about an hour before sunset to half an hour after, and the blue hour, the hour following the golden hour.

For the evening tours we recommend you to use a tripod and camera remote control for best results.

We run our tours all year round, every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

More info

Please call Dutch Photo Trek on +31 (0)71 8771023


Contact Us

You may telephone us daytime or evenings (Central European Time), weekdays or weekends.